(Software Engineer, Microsoft)

  • During this time, I noticed the faculties have best expertise in illustrating and thus simplifying various problems. Chapter-wise tests for all the subjects conducted here helped in timely preparation and avoid last-minute hustles during college examinations.
  • Apart from academics, I learnt values like  punctuality, dedication and accountability from the academy.
  • I would highly recommend VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY for a spectacular academic journey.

Sharad Dalvi

Pallavi Shinde

Currently working with INTEL (California)

  • In VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY, I had the privilege to learn mathematics from Vijay Shekhar Sir for almost 5 years – 11th, 12th and engineering mathematics. Though we didn’t knew it at that time, but his teaching has helped us for all years through our life. Engineering mathematics felt like a breeze, and it became a course to score good marks in all 5 semesters in the dreading engineering exams.
  • All of us students got personal attention and there wasn’t a time when we couldn’t go to faculties for any questions  or doubts.
  • These concepts also helped me in math courses in my master’s program in a competitive environment. I managed to get an ‘A’ with highest marks in class in the probabilities class in my second semester in MS program. He motivated us to do well in life in whatever we  were interested in. He is the best teacher and great guide. And I am sure a lot of students will benefit from his knowledge in future too.Thanks so much Sir!

Currently working at Amazon (Washington DC)

  • Here, Vijay Shekhar sir was my Math Professor during the preparation for my MH-CET exam in 2007. Sir has exemplary teaching skills and makes learning fun by associating mathematical formulae with their real life applications.
  • Vijay Shekhar Sir is a very motivating teacher and works actively on keeping the spirit alive for students which enhances their efforts towards their goals.
  • As a young student, the academy has helped me a lot to have a positive influence in my life at an early stage that inspired me to be more driven, pursue dreams with no limits and strive harder each day in order to attain them.
  • I am proud to say that these learning’s are a part of  my day to day life even today.

Ankita Singh

Hardik Bhavishi

Currently working at Google(California)

  • I was introduced to VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY during my 12th coaching. Their way of teaching was exceptional, they would stress on concepts which helped me tackle not only math problems but also in other subjects.
  • They would challenge us to dive deep in to fundamentals and this has definitely helped me build my problem solving skills.
  • The strong foundation I built from their coaching has  helped me to excel in challenging courses in the field of wireless networks during my Masters in the U.S. and also develop logical reasoning which helped me secure my career in the Silicon Valley.
  • I am privileged to be student of VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY and I thank the entire team for all the efforts they took.

Currently studying at North Carolina State University

  • My engineering wouldn’t have been complete if I hadn’t learnt from VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY.
  • Thank You Sir all the memories…!!!

Falak Ravani

Pranit Yadav

Currently working with Accenture

  • Sir Is “A Catalyst for Excellence In Mathematics”.
  • He perfectly Defines The Word ‘Professional’, both In Teaching & Behavior.
  • The Best A Student Can Get !!Thank You Sir.

Working at Indus Valley Partners

  • I joined VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY in the first year.
  • From the very first day, VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY delved me deep into the subjects.
  • I loved Mathematics; but he took my love to the next level. I have been with the academy and have got great insight into the subjects and of course, great marks too. Sir,  you are simply the best!!!

Mitul Sheth

Satyanarayan C.

RMIT University, Australia

  • Dear Prof. Shekhar,I am not sure whether you will remember me which is understandable considering the number of students you must have had. The reason for writing this email is to thank you for your efforts while teaching pre-calculus and calculus. Just to update you, I am now pursuing my PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and I want you to know that your teaching has had an impact on my career.I wish you all the best in your teaching efforts.Thanks again.

Currently working with Apple Inc.(California)

  • Hello Sir, I hope you are doing great. I still remember each and every statement you said while teaching mathematics in class.
  • I must say no one else could teach linear algebra and co-ordinate  geometry better than you sir. Kudos to it.
  • Today we are of your Age when you used to teach us. Time just files.Thanks for all the lessons in math as well as life and for being our inspiration.

Dhruv Shah

Divya Jotwani

Computer Engg.- VESIT
Currently working with IBM (Manager of West Region)

  • I am Divya Jotwani currently working in Microsoft and I passed studying from VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY. Maths is one of the subject which gives you a boost in your low scoring. After joining VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY all our concepts were cleared and all the questions were answered.
  • It gave me a boast in scoring well in Engineering also which helped in increasing overall percentage.
  • Your motive is very good, Sir. Hope you keep on inspiring the young minds achieve their goal, the way you did it to me…

Bio-Medical Engg.-TSEC
Ex.Research Scholar at Harvard Front End Web Developer at Ticked Media

  • Hi everyone,
    I was Shekhar sir’s student. I then completed my Masters in Biomed. Currently I am working as  a researcher at Childrens Hospital, Harvard Medical School. I am really impressed by his knowledge,  teaching skills and the dedication with which he assumes his responsibilities.
  • The way he taught grew our interest in Maths. Many of my classmates and myself  got perfect/near perfect scores. He has been a good mentor to me and I make it a point to meet him whenever possible to discuss about career goals, which speaks volumes of his influence on me.
  • I have and will always recommend his name to anyone who has come to me for advice. Good luck!!

Chiran Doshi

Mitesh Mehta

B.E. Computers, K.J. Somaiya
M.E. computers-cornell university, New York Senior Software Developer at Origami Logic (California)

  • Hi everyone,
    This is Mitesh Mehta. I was a student of VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY and it has been a wonderful learning experience. Vijay Shekhar Sir makes use of a simple yet very effective and systematic approach for teaching mathematics. By solving a number of problems  in class, going into depth of it and giving challenging homework questions to practice, he makes sure that students get the concept right rather than just mugging up the solution.
  • Vijay Shekhar Sir has been more like a mentor than a teacher to me.He has not only helped me get my math stronger but also has  guided me at various stages of my career so far. I genuinely applaud for his dedication towards his teaching and the immense knowledge that he has about mathematics. He is truly the best professor I have ever come across and I am glad that I am his student.

Master in University of Texas - Arlington Currently Working with Apple Inc.(California)

  • The first word which come to my mind when someone says Maths is Prof. Vijay Shekhar. The person who has made mathematics a passion for me. It was never  for marks, once you are his student marks were automatically in your pockets, it was for the subject to become friendly. He cultivated the deep rooted concepts which have made mathematics my strong point. Even when I teach Mathematics to my students or friends, after seeing their success, the feeling in insurmountable and I feel deeply honored and lucky that I am a student of Prof. Vijay Shekhar, nothing could have happened without him.
  • In Short if you want to experience pure mathematics Vijay Shekhar Sir is the right person. It is said “mathematics is the mother of all science” and Sir you are the GOD of Mathematics……….Thank you sir!!!

Madhukar Shanbhag

Krunal Mehta

B.Tech. - ICT
PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy, New York.

  • I was VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY’s Student and student of Vijay Shekhar Sir. I would like to mention that he has been really instrumental in shaping my career. One can do well in a subject if one understands it well and is eager and enthusiastic to do it repeatedly what we call as a practice but with either one missing you can’t be a “Master”. He inculcates in you that eagerness to learn the subject since he goes into depth of the subject and make sure that you get yours basics right.
  • I also like his approach of answering your doubts since he would present the scenario in a way that makes you think and answer the question yourself. It is for this reason I believe that I took up doctoral studies since it required you to think critically for what you observe and with ideas to overcome the problems in your research.
  • His Commitment and energy level has been a source of inspiration and really made a difference in my professional life. I am really thankful to him and consider myself lucky to have him as a teacher and as a mentor.

B.E.Electronics- VESIT
M.Tech. at IISC (Indian Institute of Science)

  • Hi everyone, this is Shrutee Kamat from B.E Tronics, Vivekanad Institue. I joined  VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY always scored 90’s. 🙂 It’s not just about getting good marks but getting thorough knowledge of subject.
  • I still remember all the concept (well most of them) as he preferred to teach conceptually rather than just solving same type of sums repeatedly.

Shrutee Kamat

Jigar Gorgi

B.E.Electronics- D.J.Sanghvia
Executive at Siemens

  • Hi friends… this is Jigar Gorgi.. I had joined VIJAY SHEKHAR ACADEMY for engineering. Entire journey of maths with Sir was very memorable and great. Vijay Sir’s in-depth knowledge of the subject and his techniques and ways ways of teaching are truly distinct and remarkable…
  • Moreover he is very open and friendly to his students which enabled me two clear all my doubts with him and he is a lovely and superb professor to be with.. surely I enjoyed his guidance…!!!
  • Thanks A Lot Sir… Keep Going On… And Rising Up…