IIT JEE advanced.

Quick Facts

Total number of seats = 13,604

What does it take to get into IIT

Talent + Practice. Yes, while you do need an innate affinity for numbers and logic problem solving, you also need to put in years of hard work. With our founder, Prof. Vijay Shekhar, himself being an alumni of IIT-Bombay, we know that intense hard work with the goal to get increasingly better is the only route to success at JEE Advanced.


The JEE Advanced examination is designed to test your numerical abilities, your logical analysis and most importantly, your ability to perform under intense pressure in tight timelines. Only those who excel on all these fronts are the ones who will make it to IIT.

To find out how hard you will have to work to crack the elite IIT club, speak to our counselors today. We would be happy to guide you.

IIT All India Seat Allocation

IIT Kharagpur 1341
IIT Bombay 903
IIT Madras 838
IIT Kanpur 827
IIT (BHU) Varanasi 1090
IIT Delhi 851
IIT Guwahati 615
IIT Roorkee 970
IIT Ropar 155
IIT Bhubaneshwar 260
IIT Hyderabad 240
IIT Ropar 155
IIT Bhubaneshwar 260
IIT Hyderabad 240
IIT Mandi 150
IIT Indore 260
ISM Dhanbad 912
IIT Bhilai 120
IIT Goa 90
IIT Palakkad 123
IIT Tirupati 120
IIT Jammu 90
IIT Dharwad 120
TOTAL 10575