XI Admission Process

The online admission process for FYJC classes is applicable to all the recognized junior colleges in MMR, and their participation in this process is compulsory.
Students, who have passed SSC or equivalent examination from any recognized board, seeking admissions to FYJC classes in any of the junior colleges in MMR, must participate in the online admission process.

MOST IMPORTANT: Although admissions to Management Quota, Minority Quota and In-House Quota shall be done by the respective junior colleges, it shall be mandatory for these students to complete the formalities ( Part - I and Part - II) of the ONLINE ADMISSION PROCESS in MMR, before they seek admissions through these quotas.

Admissions to Arts, Science, and Commerce streams shall be done online. However, following admissions shall not be done online, but they shall be done by the respective junior college.
1. Admissions to HSC Vocational (MCVC), Home Science.
2. Admissions to Technical Junior Colleges.
3. Admissions to Night Junior Colleges.

Online admissions shall be done as per the rules under the constitutional and special reservation policy in force.
Seats in junior colleges are allocated as per the merit and order of preferences of the applicants; however, choice of optional subjects/ optional languages/ bifocal subjects in a junior college is subject to availability of seats for that optional subject/ optional language/ bifocal subjects in that junior college.
Processing fee of Rs. 150/ (Rs. One Hundred and Fifty only) – including cost of this booklet shall be collected from the student participating in the online admission process.